EM Company

Business Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping: For bookkeeping services contact us at EMBookkeeping@gmail.com

Prices: 199$ a month for a small business with 3 accounts or less with in total less than 150 transactions between them.

299$ a month for a medium business 6 accounts or less with in total less than 300 transactions between them.

499$ a month for a large business with 9 accounts or less with in total less than 450 transactions between them. The price can be negotiated when in between the shown definitions of business sizes if a business has a larger amount of accounts and transactions than a large business a price will have to negotiate. We will not give any lower prices unless told so personally by us.

Individual Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping: For bookkeeping services contact us at EMBookkeeping@gmail.com

Prices: 20$ a month is the starting rate for our individual customers but may vary in price depending on how many accounts and transactions between accounts. Our individual bookkeeping services can be as high as 100$ a month.

Tax Preparing Not Available

We may or may not be providing tax preparing services this coming tax season if we do we plan on providing a discounted rate to our existing customers. For example our prices would ideally be 20$ for individual tax preparing plus 10$ for each form but for existing individual customers it would be 10$ individual tax preparing plus 5$ for each form. Please do not ask about our potential tax preparing service at this time if we do start providing these services we will change this article in our website and email our existing customers informing them of this.

Why Individual Bookkeeping Services

Reasons for getting our individual bookkeeping services can vary from person to person but is usually to help individuals with complex tax or income situations such as self employed individuals we could also recommend right offs for business expense.


Monday-Saturday 9:00 AM-7:00 PM

Sundays Closed

Contact Information

We prefer email but also will set up zoom meetings to negotiate if you would like to use our services and would like to email any of your information we may need. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask via email. Please leave message if we do not answer.

Email EMBookkeeping@gmail.com

Phone : 1(909)-515-9890


Discount Options

For a discount, we are offering 10% off for 3 months if you provide us a good review we can put it on our website where we put down your entity's name as one of the valued customers that had a good experience with us.

About Us

The EM Company was founded in the year 2022 by Erick Marquez with the intention of starting a bookkeeping business. The name came from Erick Marquez's initials and was originally going to be called the EM Corporation. We use Quickbooks as our bookkeeping software.

Investing Options

We are also may or may not be looking for investors at this time, and are willing to sell 19% of our company shares at 1$ a share which is 190,000 shares. By becoming a shareholder you will be kept well informed on all business matters and will be a well-heard voice. For questions please email us at EMBookkeeping@gmail.com